Optimising Legal Operations

Empowering the in-house legal & compliance community


The GLS Group is the preeminent provider of legal operations solutions to busy in-house legal & compliance teams looking to maximise what they can achieve for themselves, in a demonstrable fashion.

We provide disruptive access to the tools, resources & solutions that in-house legal & compliance teams need to boost their productivity and reduce financial and employee resource consumption.


  • CHOICE: more than 273+ tools, solutions & resources to enhance legal & compliance operations
  • ACCESS: our solutions are accessible 24/7/365 via the GLS Legal Operations Centre
  • USABILITY: we only offer solutions that are low risk and incredibly easy to implement
  • COST: we offer truly disruptive pricing

If you are looking to boost what your in-house legal & compliance teams can do, drive internal value recognition and boost your team members’ career satisfaction– GLS Group can help.

GLS Group also believes the legal industry can do far more for the communities we operate in. So we donate 10% of global profits to causes that support children in need.

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The GLS Legal Operations Centre (LOC) is an online platform delivering disruptive access to the world’s largest selection of legal operations tools, solutions and resources for busy in-house teams.

The LOC enables in-house teams to circumvent the budgetary, market knowledge, complexity and time-based barriers that typically prevent them from accessing the tools and resources they need to perform.

The LOC ensures that any legal team can access the same resources that are used by the most well financed corporate legal departments, but without having to source, implement, own, operate or develop the solutions themselves.

The LOC is legal tech disruption at its best – it is arguably the most complete legal operations platform available globally.

The LOC delivers “universal access” to world class legal operations support to all businesses.

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All legal teams must achieve more with less – which means transforming the way they work and taking a fresh look at the people, processes and technology required – not an easy task for vocational lawyers.

GLS is a preeminent authority on legal department transformation across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe having architected and supported the transformation of some of the largest legal departments globally.

We help clients to blueprint and implement their transformation objectives through our 4 transformation pillars:

1) effective diagnostics
2) practicality
3) incrementalism
4) validated solution implementation

By auditing potential inefficiency scenarios by reference to benchmarked data, we are able to help you identify practical productivity strategies that are tailored to match your business's ability to embrace change.

Whether you want to transform your entire legal team, a specific function or just a single workflow– GLS can help you blueprint your transformation solution and work side by side with you to implement it successfully.

Unlike any other legal operations provider globally, GLS also offers direct and disruptively priced access to the widest range of legal operations resources globally - the GLS Legal Operations Centre.

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GLS performance managed legal services allow your business to reduce the costs associated with low/medium level complexity legal work, whilst increasing SLAs, risk management and reporting.

GLS offers comprehensive, robust and scalable performance managed solutions to high volume work requirements that are time sensitive and/or carry risk (legal, financial or reputational) if not executed correctly.

We optimise your required workflows through the utilisation of superior process design, technology integration and advanced project management.

We support the full spectrum of managed service scenarios, from special projects (e.g. mass novation and contract amendments) and BAU contract reviews, right down to large scale vendor on-boarding/KYC processes.

Our “performance” managed services actively harvest the rich data sets available from supported workflows to drive superior performance and reporting insights.

Uniquely, GLS focuses on capturing ongoing workflow learnings within the solution itself, which reduces the impact of personnel changes and eases the “in-sourcing” of functions back to you (should you wish).

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GLS Group offers GLS Manpower™ - the most flexible means of accessing a 400+ strong spectrum of legal & compliance personnel, drawn from a deep pool of global talent.

GLS Manpower™ makes world class legal & compliance resourcing available to all businesses – not just large MNC’s.  

What truly sets GLS Manpower™ apart from other “on-demand” providers are of the following, unrivalled features:

(a) Instant Online Engagement: we deliver candidate options in under 3 min
(b) Assignment Size: we support assignments as small as 4 hours
(c) Pricing: our business model allows for pricing that is a fraction of that offered by anyone, anywhere
(d) Supported Resources: our personnel are supported by the world's leading legal operations provider

If you want to quickly get great lawyers that are supported by a preeminent legal operations provider, all for the best prices offered anywhere in the globe... 

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We are committed to being a primary catalytic agent for the development of a culture of innovation within the legal industry - to become the Silicon Valley of technology-based innovation in legal service delivery. 

In addition to developing our own "optimally efficient" legal solutions we also provide funding and support to those who share our belief in the potential of technology-enabled legal solutions.  

GLS Investments also offers cash and/or in-kind contribution of advisory support to start-up businesses. We focus on technology-based businesses who are most susceptible to value dilution if they fail to protect their underlying value proposition.  

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GLS Law Firm is the most cost accessible blue-chip trusted advisory platform operating globally. We deliver the highest quality of legal support at the lowest possible price point achievable via embracing total service delivery efficiency.  

Our strategic focus is on solving the 80% of legal requirements common to all businesses, regardless of law, language or location. This focus, where the solutions are frequently understood, allows us to pass on incredible service delivery efficiencies to our clients. 

Our world class lawyers operate from a purpose built platform that creates optimal working conditions to ‘problem solve’ with a wide range of superior tools and technologies. The results are what you would expect – we operate at 20% of the cost.

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Through GLS Practice Support™, GLS Group provides small to medium sized law firms 24/7/365 online access to world class Solutions that “level the playing field” and allow you to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

GLS Practice Support™ allows your firm to rapidly scale its capacity and capabilities (skills, bench, coverage) in response to new revenue opportunities - effectively broadening your addressable market.  Additionally, GLS Practice Support™ offers you a range of tools that can help drive your matter profitability, whether for time-spent or fixed-fee based engagements.

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We donate 10% of GLS Group's profits to supporting various children's causes, globally. We focus on “direct” intervention causes where we know we can make a difference and where our people can serve directly as part of the community that needs a helping hand.  

By making ourselves accessible to most businesses globally, our goal is to put a small “piece” of every deal we do back into the communities kind enough to host us. Deal by deal we will help create a better outlook for children in need. 

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