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The GLS Group is the world’s leading legal industry disruptor.  Founded in 2014 by a core team of highly recognised market leaders from top-tier global law firms (together with some of their clients), GLS Group exists because the business and private practice community need us to exist – people cannot afford legal support.

GLS Group, which comprises a constellation of complimentary business acting globally, seeks to end the current free-fall of the legal industry into further 'inaccessibility' by focusing intently on service delivery efficiencies. We believe that new things must be tried by both providers and customers of legal services if sustainable access to legal support is to emerge as we know it can.

At the heart of what we do at GLS Group is combining 'outstanding talent' with 'superior processes' and then applying the transformative effect of technology enabled service delivery. This fusion process makes 'better', 'faster' and 'cheaper' (i.e. - 'optimal efficiency') possible for much of the legal services continuum. It makes world class legal support scenarios accessible at 20% of current costs.

GLS Group members are able to offer solutions to the full spectrum of legal sector participants. We deliver advisory solutions to our own clients, we help businesses meet more of their own legal needs, and we help guide law firms to more sustainable futures. We fund those who also wish to bring further technology enabled efficiencies to the legal industry. We also offer great careers in this wonderful industry.

With 90% of businesses globally unable to access world class legal support, the work we do at GLS Group is important, and so too are the communities in which we operate. We donate 10% of global profits to causes that support children in need.

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GLS Law Firm is the most cost accessible blue chip trusted advisory platform operating globally. We deliver the highest quality of legal support at the lowest possible price point achievable via embracing total service delivery efficiency.  

Our strategic focus is on solving the 80% of legal requirements common to all businesses, regardless of law, language or location. This focus, where the solutions are frequently understood, allows us to pass on incredible service delivery efficiencies to our clients. 

Our world class lawyers operate from a purpose built platform that creates optimal working conditions to ‘problem solve’ with a wide range of superior tools and technologies. The results are what you would expect – we operate at 20% of the cost. 

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Businesses globally must address ever growing legal support and compliance requirements with increasingly less legal resources.  However, the cost of Traditional Law support has provided an ineffective ally to in-house teams tasked with addressing this challenge.  

GLS Solutions is an efficiency and productivity enhancement consultancy designed to help businesses leverage what can be achieved by their existing legal, procurement, compliance and legal technology resources. Utilising a wide range of consultants, including some with legal backgrounds, the team focuses on the development and deployment of tools that massively boost legal resource productivity.
From strategic consultancy through to a range of work place productivity tools that are accessible 24/7/365, GLS Solutions helps to massively improve the strategic and productivity outcomes that can be achieved from the existing resources of any business.

GLS Solutions allows businesses to better take control of meeting their own legal, procurement and compliance related requirements without the need to resort to external providers. We can help all businesses achieve far more with far less – and to a higher standard. 

GLS Solutions is not a law firm or a substitute for an practising advocate, solicitor, attorney or law firm. We are not licensed to provide legal advice and our service is not a substitute for engaging with a qualified lawyer in private practice. 

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Through GLS Practice Support™, GLS Group provides small to medium sized law firms 24/7/365 online access to world class Solutions that “level the playing field” and allow you to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

GLS Practice Support™ allows your firm to rapidly scale its capacity and capabilities (skills, bench, coverage) in response to new revenue opportunities - effectively broadening your addressable market.  Additionally, GLS Practice Support™ offers you a range of tools that can help drive your matter profitability, whether for time-spent or fixed-fee based engagements.

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We are committed to being a primary catalytic agent for the development of a culture of innovation within the legal industry - to become the Silicon Valley of technology-based innovation in legal service delivery. 

In addition to developing our own 'optimally efficient' legal solutions we also provide funding and support to those who share our belief in the potential of technology-enabled legal solutions.  

GLS Investments also offers cash and/or in-kind contribution of advisory support to start-up businesses. We focus on technology based businesses who are most susceptible to value dilution if they fail to protect their underlying value proposition.  

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We donate 10% of GLS Group's profits to supporting various children's causes, globally. We focus on “direct” intervention causes where we know we can make a difference and where our people can serve directly as part of the community that needs a helping hand.  

By making ourselves accessible to most businesses globally, our goal is to put a small “piece” of every deal we do back into the communities kind enough to host us. Deal by deal we will help create a better outlook for children in need. 

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