Why do I need a Services Agreement?

The Services Agreement is the “work horse” legal agreement of the global business community, facilitating millions of essential commercial service interactions each day, but all too frequently its true “business-enabling” potential is not realised. Parties looking to provide services like to get paid, and parties receiving services only like to pay for services properly provided. Given such obviously aligned interests, Services Agreements should perform reliably – but all too often they don’t. ... Continue reading

GLS Quick Quotes

Few would argue that costs are a huge barrier to accessing external legal support. However, those with budgets point to a more practical obstacle, namely the ‘time cost’ of engagement. Many In-House counsel share the common challenge of it simply taking too long to agree on scopes of work, obtain reliable quote(s), and therefore being unable to engage external support in real time. ... Continue reading

What is an NDA and why do I need one?

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreements allow businesses to co-operate by regulating the use of confidential information that parties may share in a controlled and safe manner as they seek to explore or engage in new projects. Despite its status as a “garden variety” legal document, most businesses complain that the NDA takes far too long to conclude, and many find that their NDAs fail to provide the protection they hoped for. ... Continue reading

In-House Legal Team Efficiency Strategies

The vocational journey of the In-House lawyer has long since ceased to be an attractive safe-harbour from the performance pressures of private practice – it is now as challenging and often more so. In-House teams all over the world face unrelenting pressure to achieve “far more with far less” for the businesses they serve, and to be able to positively demonstrate that they are doing so. ... Continue reading

Legal Technology Growth :The increase in legal technology-related headlines suggests massive change is upon the legal industry – but what exactly is it and who will benefit?

The legal industry is engaged in a lively debate about the role of Legal Tech but for many, it is not clear whether we are witnessing the harbingers of hope or the end of the profession? With more than 97% of businesses unable to get the legal support they need, and law firms ironically pleading famine, will Legal Tech correct this irrational market schism? ... Continue reading

GLS Launches GLS Legal Docs™ :Libraries of Automated Documents

Contracts are the essential record of what parties agree and yet most end up signed, filed and forgotten - and usually reflect a painful, tedious and expensive contracting process. ... Continue reading

GLS Invests in Automio & GLS Launches its Most Disruptive Legal Support Option Ever :Genuine Disruption

GLS Group, the world’s leading legal industry disruptor, focuses on disrupting the traditional law industry that prevents sustainable access to effective legal support to 97% of business globally. GLS’s disruptive business model has already reduced legal costs by more than 80% and it is now set to achieve much more in 2019 having invested into NZ based document automation company, Automio. ... Continue reading

GLS Goes Back to School

GLS’s mission, since its inception, has been to disrupt the second half of that statement and over the past 5 years GLS has now brought the cost of world-class legal services down by more than 80% through its “New Law” offering. On Tuesday of this week GLS Founder, Matt Glynn, attended INSEAD’s MBA programme (Singapore Campus) as a guest lecturer and shared some of the insights gained by GLS as it works on disrupting the legal industry. ... Continue reading

GLS Law Firm appoints New Head of the GLS Indonesia Desk :Rising Star | Rina Lee

GLS has appointed Rising Star, Rina Lee, as the head of its Indonesia Desk in Singapore. Lee, who joins GLS from Simmons & Simmons JWS, will roll out GLS’s highly disruptive “New Law” offering specifically calibrated to the needs of the Indonesian market. Lee will help GLS to establish and grow a “legal services hub” to provide affordable services for investments within Indonesia as well as outside its borders. ... Continue reading


GLS Group the world's leading legal industry disruptor, has achieved yet another first by taking legal industry disruption into the heart of Russian speaking business market via its association with TA Legal Consulting. World class legal support, specifically adapted for the needs of the Russian speaking market, will become the increasing reality for any Russian speaking business that needs it. ... Continue reading