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Rising Star | Rina Lee

by GLS LAW December 05, 2018
Rina Lee

GLS has appointed Rising Star, Rina Lee, as the head of its Indonesia Desk in Singapore. Lee, who joins GLS from Simmons & Simmons JWS, will roll out GLS’s highly disruptive “New Law” offering specifically calibrated to the needs of the Indonesian market.

Lee will help GLS to establish and grow a “legal services hub” to provide affordable services for investments within Indonesia as well as outside its borders.

Lee commented:

“Anyone familiar with Indonesia knows that accessing high quality, transparent, timely and cost-effective advice is a real challenge. Also, innovations afforded to US/UK markets by modern legal tech have not generally been transferred into the Indonesian market due to it being differentiated by, amongst other factors, language and practice.

GLS is changing this - we have already deployed contract automation solutions in the Indonesian language and other legal tech innovations designed specifically for Indonesia will follow swiftly.”

Whilst Lee has extensive experience on Indonesian corporate and banking transactions, in her new role, her mandate will broaden to ensure that GLS’s Indonesia Practice addresses the issues face by Indonesian business “80% of the time”, at 20% of the cost of comparable providers.

GLS’s Global Managing Director Matt Glynn said: 

“Lee reflects our strategy of attracting top international law firm talent and then making it accessible to the market through our New Law platform.  This has resulted in advisors that are far more accessible to clients and that can deliver way more “business enabling” advice. 

At GLS partners are accessible to a staggering array of businesses that genuinely need their help, and are now able to afford such help.”

On the issue of client accessibility, Lee notes that:

“Indonesian businesses are very happy to benefit from world-class legal services, but if they cannot access it – it might as well not exist. You cannot help businesses that cannot reach you – whether it be because of price, language or cultural awareness. GLS is removing these barriers in Indonesia just as it has done elsewhere in the world.”


The GLS Group is the world’s leading legal industry disruptor and comprises an internationally licensed law firm – “GLS Law Firm”, and its alternative legal solutions business – “GLS Solutions”. Founded in 2014 by a core team of highly recognised market leaders from top-tier global law firms (together with some of their clients). The GLS Group, which now has over 200 staff globally, was shortlisted by the Financial Times as the Most Innovative Law Firm Asia Pacific – New Business and Service Delivery Model (2018). 

For more information please contact: or Rina Lee at GLS Group (+65 6817 8202 ext 2016)  

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