The Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations: Part L

Global Legal Operations Communities

by GLS GROUP July 02, 2020


"Collaboration between the global in-house
community and willing solution-providers will inevitably lead
to better ways of empowering legal teams to operate and
serve their businesses."

Final thoughts

We hope that this guide has made it clear that legal operations is a “live issue” for almost any IHL anywhere in the world – regardless of size, budget or previous experience.

We believe that the IHL community needs to collectively “own” the process of getting better as the vast majority of challenges faced by one IHL are faced by all other IHLs. A problem which is shared can be more efficiently solved.

Some jurisdictions have more established and more active “legal operations communities” but we would encourage you take part in and contribute to whichever community is accessible to you.

To help you with this, set out below are details of forums, networks and communities that we would warmly encourage you to participate in if you can.

Legal Operations Communities - Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

Given that APMEA in-house legal teams have typically enjoyed fewer legal resources than their North American counterparts, the case for legal operations led transformation is actually greater.

Accordingly, IHLs across APMEA tend to present a very receptive and innovative IHL community - as they have for many years been stretching legal resources.

Singapore, our Global HQ, is a legal technology hotspot, thanks to pro-active government support, including Asia’s first legal technology incubator, the Global Legal Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship (GLIDE).

As no “formal legal operations forum” existed in APMEA, GLS has created an informal one.

Our mission is to enable vibrant and dynamic legal operations across APMEA and so we invite you to help us improve the ways in which IHLs can support their business communities.

The activities in APMEA that you can participate in with the GLS Group include:

Knowledge share: GLS issues a legal operations white paper at a fortnightly cadence – our back catalogue of whitepapers can be found here. We are the most active legal operations thought leaders in APMEA.

Legal operations training: we regularly run online training seminars centred on legal team transformation and effective legal operations - the current seminar series can be found here.

Market intelligence: we routinely collect data from businesses across the region to help develop and share insights relevant to the legal operations community – access and/or participate in GLS 10,000 Voices here.

Legal Operations Centre: we offer the world’s largest portfolio of legal operations tools, solutions and resources – you can benefit from the world’s best legal technology here.

Collaboration: we fund, license and collaborate with a host of legal technology providers whose solutions we believe are best in class and can help IHLs implement their legal operations agenda. You can learn more here.

Legal Technology Demonstrations & Trials: we routinely provide live demonstrations of powerful legal technology solutions (and offer free trials) to help legal teams better assess how legal technology can enable their legal team.

If you share our vision, we encourage you to join our community of over 12,500 active in-house lawyers as they seek to embrace the power of legal operations to achieve more with less.

Legal Operations Communities – North America

The US has, for a number of years, embraced legal operations as a “valuable legal department resource”.

The Association of Corporate Counsel in the USA (“ACC”) has added a legal operations group, and professionals working in the legal operations space formed the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (“CLOC”) in 2015.

The CLOC offers paid memberships to those who work primarily in legal operations and serves as a think tank for legal operations professionals. The CLOC includes circa 2,000 active members.

The US also has an increasingly vibrant “legal technology” market – though admittedly it is relatively fragmented with most suppliers only offering one or two distinct solutions.

Legal Operations Communities – EU

The LexisNexis In-house Legal Operations Forum holds round table discussions and seminars throughout the year, in central London, with the view to sharing best practices on legal operations and drive peak in-house legal department performance. Membership (which is by invitation only) is for Senior Legal Operations and Knowledge Manager professionals.

The EU ACC periodically conducts surveys of in-house department performance to determine where those departments stand in terms of legal operations maturity and productivity. The 2020 ACC legal Operations Maturity Benchmarking Report is available here.

The EU ACC also offers paid for members for individuals who are engaged in the active practice of law and are employed by organisations (in either the private or public sector) that do not have regulatory, enforcement or policymaking responsibilities.

A Final Note About GLS

American Lawyer notes that since 2008 the legal industry has been dominated by 3 types of service providers i) law firms, ii) legal process outsourcers, and iii) legal staffing agencies - but has been desperately missing “an integrator” i.e. an enterprise provider.

The GLS Group stands out as offering holistic legal operations solutions that are accessible to all legal teams globally.

In just 7 years the GLS Group has emerged as a major voice in legal operations as a result of its broad and holistic approach to solutions, operationalised innovation and disruptive accessibility.

Like all successful disruptors – the GLS Group’s offerings have rapidly surpassed that which was traditionally available in its markets.

We now deliver UNPRECEDENTED:

CHOICE: more than 300+ tools, solutions & resources to enhance legal & compliance operations

ACCESS: our solutions are accessible 24/7/365 via the GLS Legal Operations Centre

USABILITY: we only offer solutions that are low risk and incredibly easy to implement

COST: we offer truly disruptive pricing that is globally accessible

If you are looking to boost what your in-house legal & compliance teams can do, drive internal value recognition and boost your team members’ career satisfaction – the GLS Group can help.

We stand out as the most complete provider of legal operations solutions and are one of the most active thought leadership participants dealing with the question of how to deliver IHL Transformation.

Through the GLS Legal Operations Centre, any legal team anywhere can access a world class suite of legal operations solutions to boost their productivity and reduce their financial and employee resource consumption.

Essential Observations/Tips:

• Innovation in a vacuum is just arrogance meeting ignorance – the solution must be jointly owned
• GLS has created a vibrant and dynamic legal operations community that anyone can join
• The GLS Legal Operations Community offers a rich participation experience and extensive knowledge sharing
• All IHLs face a significant number of common problems so a solution for one IHL typically means a solution for all IHLs
• GLS offers the world’s largest range of legal operations tools to help any IHL anywhere address the common challenges they face – more than 300+ and counting



Visit the GLS Legal Operations Centre and REGISTER FOR FREE to join our legal operations community and access an incredible Members Benefits Package that gives you instant access to a range of powerful legal operations tools and technologies.


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