The Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations: Part M

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by GLS GROUP July 02, 2020


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Part A: The Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations: An Introduction 
Part B: What is meant by “legal operations”? 
Part C: The Case For Legal Operations 
Part D: The Benefits of Effective Legal Operations 
Part E: IHL Leadership Dilemma
Part F: The Interactive GLS Legal Transformation Tube Map
Part H: Legal Operations - Powerful First Steps
Part I: The Role Of IHL Performance Analytics
Part J: Essential Legal Operations Thinking
Part K: 10 Things That Can Sink Your Legal Operations Agenda
Part L: Global Legal Operations Communities
Part M: References & Resources 


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GLS Legal Operations Centre
GLS Legal Transformation Tube Map
GLS Business Process Engineering™ - efficiency through process optimisationthought cogs
GLS Contracting Function Efficiency Audit™ - a tool to optimise your contracting support function
GLS Group Legal Policies™ - know What You Want to Achieve
GLS Legal Dept Efficiency Audit™ - how efficient is your legal team?
GLS Legal Dept. KPIs™ - a manual of essential Legal Dept. KPIs
GLS Legal Dept Service Charter™ - service levels and standards for your in-house legal dept.
GLS Legal Technology Consulting™ - legal team technology choice
GLS Legal Services Request Form™ - the gateway to legal operations efficiency


GLS 10,000 Voices – data points & insights relevant to In-House LawyersGroup
GLS Master Classes – legal operations training & excellence
GLS Innovative Legal Tech Fund - we fund innovative legal-tech providers 
Future Law Innovation Programme (Singapore)
Global Legal Innovation & Digital Entrepreneurship (Singapore)
The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium
European Association of Corporate Counsel
USA Association of Corporate Counsel


2020 ACC legal Operations Maturity Benchmarking Report
2016 Report on the State of the Legal Market
FT: Legal operations – the disruptive ambitions of smooth operators
GLS Master Class 1 (2020) - In-House Challenges and the RPLV Response
GLS Master Class 2 (2020) - Foundational Legal Team Policy Assets & PrioritisationKnowledge waterfall
GLS Master Class 3 (2020) - Leveraging Legal Resources (Case Study)
International Legal Technology Associations | 2019 Technology Survey
In the Pandemic, Exceptions to DMS Work Processes Can No Longer Be the Norm
Law Departments and the Agile Supply Chain
Law Schools Can, Should, And Must Teach Innovation
Legal Analytics, Machine Learning and Some Comments on the Status of Innovation in the Legal Industry
Legal Buyers Taking Charge: 'The GC Thought Leaders Experiment' and Beyond
Legal operations | How to do it and why it matters
Our Confusion Over What Is A “Lawyer”
The Road Ahead by Bill Gates
White Paper: Contracting Policies - The Most Effective Drivers of Contracting Infrastructure Efficiency
White Paper: Head count restrictions SHOULD NOT deny you access to Legal Dept. Talent
White Paper: How to Avoid a High-Tech Train-Wreck
White Paper: Legal Department Service Charter - How is your legal team being judged and why?
White Paper: Legal Operations Essentials: The Legal Services Request Form
White Paper: Performance Managing Your External Legal Counsel
White Paper: So you think in-house lawyers are not important?
White Paper: The Checklist - The simplest tool for legal operations excellence
White Paper: Top 10 In-House Legal Team Resolutions for a New Year
White Paper: Top 10 Legal Docs - The Work Horses
White Paper: Top 10 Rules For Developing A World Class Legal Template Library
White Paper: Traditional Law is Broken (Part 1)
White Paper: Traditional Law is Broken (Part 2)
White Paper: Un-breaking the Law
White Paper: What A.I. means for the Legal Industry

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The Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations: Part A :An Introduction

An executive summary of the key highlights and concepts that integral to effective legal operations. ... Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations: Part B :What is meant by “legal operations”?

What exactly is this term / practice / discipline and why is it important? ... Continue reading

Legal Operations Essentials: The Legal Services Request Form :The gatekeeper to effective in-house legal function transformation

Effective LSRFs deliver quality instructions, allow IHLs to efficiently mobilise and generate valuable legal operations data that in turn drive continuous improvements ... Continue reading

Legal Department Service Charter :How is your legal team being judged and why?

Define the basis upon which your legal department engages with your business, and the required service levels, standards and protocols to be delivered. ... Continue reading