Traditional Law is Broken (Part 2)

The true cost of the hourly rate. GLS believes that more than 95% of businesses globally are unable to access effective legal support either at all, or in the quantities they require – principally because of price barriers. ... Continue reading

Un-breaking the law

The hourly rate is no longer an effective meeting point for those that need legal support and those that provide it. Query if it ever was ... Continue reading

Traditional Law is Broken (Part 1)

The traditional law firm model (“TradLaw”) as we know it is broken; but fortunately, a new dawn is upon the legal industry and its best days are unquestionably still ahead. "The problem is not what TradLaw is offering, but how it is being offered." In this four-part series, Global Legal Solutions (“GLS”) unpacks the demise of so called ‘TradLaw’ and the rise of alternative solutions for disillusioned lawyers and dissatisfied clients. ... Continue reading

Focus on kids

We at Global Legal Solutions have been blessed in so many ways that we believe it is our responsibility to give back to the world from which we have benefitted. ... Continue reading

What makes GLS Law so accessible

GLS Law will only offer support where we know that we can do so in a way that represents a "by far and away ... Continue reading

Founded on market recognition :Leading from the front

GLS Law's Founder and Managing Director, Matthew Glynn, has consistently been recognised as a global leader ... Continue reading

Traditional Law: Why has law run off the track?

For those who are wondering what has happened to the traditional legal industry, please take a look at the ... Continue reading

We visit hospital No. 2 in Gorlovka, Ukraine :Project: Welcome to the world

Today was without doubt one of best days of my professional life for it was surely work in the legal industry that made it possible ... Continue reading

The founder’s story :Innovation is more than a word

GLS Law was founded by the highly regarded international TMT lawyer, Matthew Glynn. After nearly two decades with leading international law firms, and achieving widespread market recognition, Matthew could no longer repress his long-harboured ambition to leverage the abundance of readily available efficiency based resources that could substantially remove the barriers of time and cost to any business requiring access to world-class legal support. ... Continue reading

23 April 2014 - And now for GLS Law!

Today was the last day of my garden leave at DLA Piper where I have worked as partner in different executive ... Continue reading