GLS and TA Legal Consulting | Teaming Up to Take Over!

by GLS GROUP September 27, 2018


GLS Group the world's leading legal industry disruptor, has achieved yet another first by taking legal industry disruption into the heart of Russian speaking business market via its association with TA Legal Consulting. World class legal support, specifically adapted for the needs of the Russian speaking market, will become the increasing reality for any Russian speaking business that needs it.

The GLS Group in association with TA Legal Consulting, will now extend a new reality of cost accessible world class legal support to Russian speaking businesses globally – something that currently does not exist. Russia, despite a major economic power with the 12th-largest economy in world and one of the largest holdings of foreign currency reserves, still proves to be extremely inaccessible for most Russian businesses to access world-class legal services.

Since 2014 the GLS Group has been seeking to disrupt the global legal industry by enabling most business to access the legal support it requires when and where they need it on truly sustainable terms, regardless of law language and location. The GLS Group has not only brought the cost of world class legal support down by 80%, it now offers more than 120 legal support solutions that can reduce, or even eliminate, a business’ need for external legal support.

The GLS Group, together with TA Legal Consulting, will not only provide an enhanced ability for businesses to transact into and out of Russia, it will systematically Russify many of Group’s leading legal productivity solutions. The GLS Legal Operations Centre which provides instant access to a growing range of legal, compliance and procurement resources for any business that can get online - will increasingly offer Solutions in the Russian language and calibrated for the Russian market.

This includes offering fully automated contracts in the Russian language - such as this Non-Disclosure Agreement that is being given away entirely FREE!

GLS Group Managing Director, Matt Glynn:

“Our tie up with TA Legal Consulting is really important for business in the Russian market. It is a fact that most legal industry innovation has been funded, developed and is focused on the domestic US legal market. This has made it difficult for non-English speaking countries such as Russia (which also has a very different legal system) to derive benefit. GLS Group is about global accessibility to legal support – not just US based. Together with TA we can make true legal industry innovation, adapted for Russian markets, the new norm.”

TA Legal Consulting Managing Partner, Marat Agabalyan:

“We now have the ability to provide far greater support to our clients globally in general and particularly in relation to Singapore which has become increasingly popular jurisdiction amongst Russian clients due to Western sanctions regime. But more importantly, GLS Group brings a dynamic missing from the Russian market and now we are able to offer a lot more for businesses based in Russian speaking markets. We have always believed that technology, applied correctly to the legal industry, could make legal services of high quality more accessible to business - together with the GLS Group – this is the reality we will bring to Russian speaking markets.”

Singapore based GLS Law Partner, Margarita Slavina, herself a Russian qualified lawyer added:

“The TA team, led by Marat Agabalyan, who I have worked with for many years, represents the next generation of Russian lawyers –bi-lingual, internationally trained – and yet organically Russian.  Not only does TA bolster our global execution capabilities, but we can accommodate a very clear preference amongst Russian clients to deliver a linguistically and culturally aligned advisory experience globally.”



The GLS Group is the world’s leading legal industry disruptor and comprises an internationally licensed law firm – GLS Law Firm, and its alternative legal solutions business – GLS Solutions. Founded in 2014 by a core team of highly recognised market leaders from top-tier global law firms (together with some of their clients), GLS Group exists because the businesses globally simply cannot afford the legal support it requires. The GLS Group, which now has over 200 staff globally, was recently shortlisted by the Financial Times as the Most Innovative Law Firm Asia Pacific – New Business and Service Delivery Model.


TA Legal Consulting (formerly known as Tertychny Agabalyan) is a law firm specialising in corporate and finance work as well as in the resolution of commercial disputes. TA assists clients in Russia and abroad with matters under Russian and English law. All of its key team members have 10+ years of experience in international law firms and have advised on the most complex transactions on the market. All of its staff are bi-lingual. The firm has been recognized in all the major international legal directories including Chambers HNW, The Legal 500 EMEA and IFLR1000 Financial and Corporate.

For more information please contact: | | Tel: +65 6817 8204)

Whether you are a MNC investing in Russia or a Russian company expanding globally, the GLS Group together with TA Legal Consulting can give you the support you need wherever and whenever required.


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