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Mark Beer OBE






Mark is a Founder of 7Pillars Law. He is a solution orientated, innovative and client-centric lawyer with experience working in big law firms, in-house, in finance, in Government and in the judiciary.

Mark's extensive, global and diverse experience allows him to find answers where others find problems, especially in developing economies in Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. 

Mark has advised Heads of State, Ministers, Chairmen and C-suite executives of some of the world's largest organisations. He is also comfortable working with innovators, academics, entrepreneurs and others looking to design the future.

Mark brings a commercial and pro-active approach to business building, with a risk based, holistic and pragmatic approach to problem solving and dispute avoidance. 

He is described as 'brilliant, honest, charismatic, and eloquent, and someone who is seen as having boundless, optimistic energy.

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