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Pooja is a Partner of GLS Law. Having trained at and then qualified in Clifford Chance, London, she relocated to Asia with Linklaters and was thereafter part of O’Melveny’s award-winning Singapore office launch team. She is a corporate finance specialist with multi-faceted experience that includes advising on large banking, capital markets and debt restructuring transactions, investment fund formations and guiding start-ups on their licensing and fundraising strategies. including in the digital token space. She has closed 100+ transactions in the US, Europe and Asia in the course of her career including several first-of-its-kind transactions.

Pooja holds several leadership roles in global, professional associations- She is the Asia Networks Director of IWIRC and was the recipient of the 2018 Fetner Award for Outstanding International Contribution by an International Member. She is also been appointed on INSOL’s Technical Committee 2019-2021.

GLS Debt Restructuring Solutions:

When cost-savings are a must-have


Pooja and GLS Partner and Head of the GLS Indonesia Desk Rina Lee co-organised a Masterclass on “How to Implement a Painless Debt Restructuring” on Thursday, 12 July in Jakarta.


This was a unique, bilingual “teach-in” event which focussed on the legal and practical aspects of a debt restructuring from both an international and a domestic perspective.


The event was co-hosted by GLS and FAMS&P Lawyers and covered FAQs such as:

  • Early steps you can take to prevent a debt restructuring project from escalating into a crisis;
  • How consent provisions in international loan and bond documents work and how they can affect a restructuring;
  • How to build an effective strategy for capital restructuring;   
  • How to build an effective communication channel with domestic and international stakeholders;
  • How to navigate the pitfalls of the PKPU process; and
  • How to design and implement an effective plan to deal with post-restructuring life.

Featured speakers at the event were:

  • Dr. TeddyAnggoro, Partner, FAMS&P Lawyers, Indonesia
  • Acep Sugiana, Partner, FAMS&P Lawyers, Indonesia
  • Pooja Sinha, Partner GLS Law, Singapore
  • Robert Schmitz, Managing Director  Fulcrum Advisory Asia, Singapore

The Problem:

You’re involved in a debt restructuring deal and need to “deep-dive” into the specifics ASAP.

Related challenges include:

  • wading quickly through the maze of existing loan and bond documents to identify the relevant provisions;
  • identifying what’s needed to keep the key supply and sale agreements of the business alive;
  • drafting the documents needed to implement the deal;
  • the capacity of you and your team is permanently stretched; and
  • you need to maximize your or your client’s legal spend given the liquidity crunch.

Wouldn’t it be great to access transaction support at a fraction of the costs of “BigLaw”?


The GLS Solution:

The GLS Group is pleased to offer you a range of fixed price solutions for your legal needs in the debt restructuring space through the GLS Finance Support Center.


From documentation solutions to discrete blocks of “review time”, you can access transaction support from us at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers thanks to efficiencies inbuilt into our operating model.


We can also provide strategic advice on debt restructurings across Asia and the Middle East.


The Theory in Practice

Email us at lawrewritten@gls.global with details of your transaction support requirements to obtain a fixed price quote.


If you’re in Singapore and want to enjoy some “old-world” shophouse charm, simply schedule a coffee with us at our Beach Road office.

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