Dispute Resolution

Our disputes practice focuses on avoiding disputes in the first place and, should they arise, resolving them as efficiently as possible. Most disputes arise from miscommunication and/or misalignment between parties – we seek to eliminate the impact of both.

We deploy a “top-down” case management approach - we work with our clients to understand their business first and assess the legal and commercial implications of the dispute, then use this analysis to establish what “success” actually looks like. We then focus on achieving these essential outcomes as cost-effectively and expeditiously as possible. At GLS, we work with our client to pre-emptively identify and manage risks in transactional and commercial matters and, where disputes arise, to find pathways to resolution that avoid the costs and uncertainties of formal dispute resolution processes wherever possible. Where engaging in a formal dispute resolution process proves unavoidable, we leverage the multi-disciplinary expertise of our extensive network of arbitration, litigation, and industry experts, to effectively handle even the most complex of cross-border cases.

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