Technology, Media, Telecommunication

GLS Law Firm can provide the support and advice that is required to preserve the agility of TMT sector participants. Given our founding team’s pedigree as Tier 1 TMT advisors across multiple jurisdictions, GLS Law delivers a wealth of experience to each client assignment gleaned from acting for a wide spectrum of clients, sound commercial judgment and deep market knowledge. It is a simple proposition – truly world class advisory that is imminently accessible.

The TMT sector remains incredibly dynamic, fast paced and at times fickle. Technology and the law do not always make for good bedfellows and can frequently cast the shadow of uncertainty over many business decisions. GLS Law Firm is able to provide to-the-point advisory support. We have the requisite expertise that allows us to deal with “the new”. We offer out-of-the-box thinking and can deliver quick turnarounds when required. However, our greatest asset is that we have made ourselves so accessible to the market that we are able to collaborate directly with our clients – allowing us to deliver practical, business-oriented and “eminently implementable” solutions.

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