Emerging Markets

Access to world-class legal support should not be yet another feature of the growing global divide between those that have and those that do not. Our practice goes far beyond supporting first world actors seeking out emerging market opportunities. The full spectrum of what we offer at GLS Law is equally accessible to those located in the third world as it is to those in the first world.

The reality of working in the emerging markets is that some things are the same as everywhere else and some things are different – sometimes very different. Our offering is based around a fusion of sensitivities – both local and international – legal and cultural. The case for pragmatism, transaction agility and working with strong local partners is by far and away the key to success in the emerging markets. We have a particular pedigree in Russian/CIS, Middle Eastern, South East Asian and African markets. Whether it be a new market entry project or one where we take a new innovation derived from a micro finance context global – we can support it. We take great pride in bridging the gap between developed and developing economies and facilitating transaction confidence on both sides of the table.

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