Retail & Consumer Goods

The retail and consumer space is tough, competitive, dynamic and increasingly regulated. As one of the world’s oldest and most populous economic sectors, businesses are entitled to expect that their legal advisors are well versed in the answers to common problems. Our clients require legal support served up to them in terms of “yes or no” and “if yes, then how”. We deliver exactly that.

We offer world-class support specific to the retail and consumer sector that is unparalleled in terms of its accessibility. Being accessible allows us to effectively stay side by side with our clients (both big and small) and work in real time, supporting them in the realisation of their objectives.

Our knowledge and expertise in this sector cover all types of manufacturing arrangements, supply and distribution chains and business expansions including franchising, multi-tier licensing and multi-unit area developments.

We also advise on all matters relevant to this sector including distribution, franchising, IP protection and commercialisation, brand management, commercial agencies and related contractual and relationship management issues.

Our offering takes into account the macro dynamics at play in the sector. We recognise that franchisors, distributors, retailers, wholesalers and/or manufacturers, all need to increasingly exploit digital innovations in market data and consumer preferences. Alongside our formidable TMT practice, we are able to assist our clients successfully leverage digitization all parts of their business planning and development.

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