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SMEs are the true heartland of the global economy – they employ 80% of the world’s workforce. However, high cost has unfairly excluded SMEs from accessing world-class legal advice, leaving them exposed to “regulatory unknowns” and exploitation from more mature parties.

We take enormous pride in our ability to help SMEs “do business” better, faster, cheaper and safer. SMEs now have the ability to access the same quality of legal advice as major global corporations on terms that make sense. Our SME practice comprehensively covers the 80% of legal needs common to all SMEs and delivers it at 20% of the cost of traditional full-service law firms.

We love the work we do for SMEs. SME clients are very appreciative of our efforts and are genuine pleasures to work with. Typically, the owner-operators of our SME clients recognise real value when it is presented to them. They are typically no-nonsense and expect the same from us given that the quality of the support we provide can materially impact their livelihoods. It is a great responsibility to serve the SME market.

Our practice seeks to ensure that our SME clients always have the support they need whenever it is needed. Our accessibility allows us to deliver pro-active and preventive counselling that keeps our SME clients away from common pitfalls and enable them to stay focused on their business. Moreover, we take great pleasure in protecting our SME clients from larger organisations looking to exploit them.

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